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Welcome to the Catron Ranch


Catron Ranch was established in 1884, surrounded by the banks of the Little Missouri River. Once a traditional livestock operation, we converted the 18,000 acre ranch to a buffalo operation in 1999. Located in the very heart of Harding County, South Dakota, the landscapesí hard grasses and sheltered timber draws make our grass-fed, grain finished buffalo some of the best youíll find. Finishing our animals on grain ensures consistency in taste and tenderness, which results in a better culinary experience for you. Itís no coincidence our meat is being served at fine eating establishments across the country.


With its meat sweeter tasting than conventional beef, buffalo meat is hypo-allergenic. That means that many people who cannot consume other red meats are able to enjoy ours. And for the health conscious consumer who is watching their diet, none can compare to the nutritional value of buffalo. The meat is low in both fat and calories, but very high in nutrients and is an excellent source of protein.


We guarantee youíll be satisfied with our product. This is not a hobby; this is our way of life and we look forward to sharing it with you.